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Speed Dribble and Lay-Up Relay Race - Breakthrough Basketball

- In speed dribble push the ball forward in front of you (the palm of your hand is behind the ball), bounce it higher then normal and run fast. - The players should always dribble and execute the lay ups with the hand closest to the sideline. So they have to use both right and left hand (this does not apply to younger kids).

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Dribbling - Relay races - Coach Eric's Basketball Systems ...

George Karl - Speed dribbling relay race - 3 or 4 lines along the baseline, each player has a ball, speed dribble fullcourt with the right hand (ball out in front), touch the far baseline, dribble back with the left hand, the next player in line goes. See Dribbling - Speed race, UMass, Fullcourt zig-zag, Jr. NBA - Ballhandling (Games).

Basketball Dribbling Drills - 4 Ball Dribbling & Relay Race ...

Relay Races . Evenly Split your team up into groups of no more than three. Then have them line up along the sideline. Determine three or four different things they can do (e.g. dribble with right hand, dribble with left hand, back peddle while dribble, sprinting, etc.)

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Downloadable Basketball lesson teaching resource (grade 3-6): https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Basketball-PE-lessons-Gym-Unit-with-plans-drills-sk...

Dribbling Relay Race Drill | BasketballPlans.com

Dribbling Relay Race. Purpose of Drill: This is a fun and challenging basketball drill for kids of all ages. Forces players outside their comfort zone to dribble the basketball quickly while staying in control of their ball. This youth drill has lots of variations and can be used over and over.

Speed Dribbling Relay Race - USA B

Ball handling and dribbling are critical skills for any basketball player, and for point guards in particular. Dribbling with two balls is a great way to develop those skills, so here is a series of two-ball drills.

Dribble Relay Dribbling Relay - Basketball Drills, | Sportplan

Basketball Dribble Relay Dribbling Relay Split the group into equal teams. Set the cones up as shown in the diagram. On the whistle players dribble around the cones, when they reach the end the dribble straight back to the end of the queue. The player then has to roll the ball through the legs of their team to the

Dribbling Drills for Youth Basketball | Speed Dribbling Relay ...

Coach George Karl demonstrates the Speed Dribbling Relay Race drill with his youth team. This drill highlights fundamental Dribbling skills. Use this drill t...

Basketball Relay Games | Our Pastimes

Players stand the bat up, bend over, put their head on the end bat, and circle it five times. They then pick up the basketball, dribble it down to a hoop and shoot. Once they land a shot, they return the ball to its position and tag the next player in line, who repeats the action. The first team to finish the relay wins.